The Salmon experience

Being a Portfolio person is tougher than being in a regular job, in terms of juggling commitments and managing priorities. I knew that when I started, right? As a professional manager with huge experience, I’m not going to be caught out, am I? Hmm – learning is a lifelong experience my friends, and I’m always quick to put my hand up when I think/know I could do better.

So finally I have swum upriver through the demands of University employment, pro bono health sector work, book promotion, film extra work, family support, and even holidays … to move/update my old website content onto this new site.

The trigger for increasing the priority on this background task so that it gets some attention is that I am closing my Limited Company after 23 years (needed for full-time contract work as an interim manager) because outside the University it is now better for me to be self-employed. The old website is paid for through the company, naturally. The fact and hassle of changing over the payment details is just enough to push/embarrass me into getting on with the transition. Hoorah.

The Swan effect

You know the principle – serene and unchanging appearance, yet working hard under the surface.  Well, that’s this website and me.
Book Launch & publicity events:
University start of year:
Pro-bono health committee & event work:,

One day this website will catch up with all that.  For now I have to rush to prepare for the next event.