The services I provide are based upon my knowledge, skills and experience across the whole arena of change management – from simple projects to global business transformations. 

This encompasses discrete changes in structure, business processes, products, services, technology, partners, suppliers and markets …  and can be applied in any industry.

Non-executive services (advisory) :
There are a number of ways in which I can help those in situ to deliver on their responsibilities, such as analysis, reviews, facilitation, coaching and mentoring.  All these can be provided to an individual or to a management team.  The appropriate mix is agreed at the first meeting. 

Executive services (management responsibility) :
I can take a specific interim role in the organisation, either covering a staff position or as an extra resource for the duration of the work.  I then have responsibility for agreed deliverables and outcomes, which are defined in the first week of the work.   I provide skills & knowledge transfer throughout, and a full handover on completion.

Getting started together
There are lots of ways to get started and achieve useful results quickly – this is best discussed once I understand the challenges and opportunities you are facing.   Contact me for a no-commitment conversation.

Confidentiality and Contract
I take your confidentiality very seriously and will sign your standard document.   I work on a contracted basis where the remuneration is usually on an agreed hourly or daily basis, or where appropriate can be a fixed price.