My non-fiction book is called “How can We Make This Happen? : Successful Change Through Incentives and Trust” (published Sep 2016) and you can read all about it, and how to buy it, at www.trenchantbooks.com . It is a course textbook for project management modules at the University of Greenwich Business School.

In Jun 2019 my first fiction appeared; a flash fiction in the anthology called “Story Cities: A City Guide For The Imagination” published by Arachne Press and available at this web shop – follow the #StoryCities story on Twitter. At the launch event in June I was invited to close the show of live readings. It was subsequently called a ‘glorious finale’ on Twitter, which is nice. You can suffer it too by using this YouTube link, or you can listen below to a later audio performance as part of the London Design Festival 2019, which is perhaps more spirited (practised).

Since that brief flash (ha ha) of success, I am now collecting the traditional rejections/silences that are the proving ground of an emerging artist.