pro bono

I deploy my professional expertise in many communities, in exchange for recognition, expenses, feelgood and/or the occasional honorarium.

My organisational, analytical and communication skills are eminently transferable to any group of people who are trying to achieve something new. Use my Contact page to get in touch.

My roles include:
Royal Osteoporosis Society – Clinical & Research Committee
National Osteoporosis Guideline Group – Patient Representative
National Institute for Health Research – Public Reviewer
Royal Osteoporosis Society – Members & Volunteers CommitteeCOMPLETED
Osteoporosis & Bone Research Academy – Patient AdvocateCOMPLETED
NIHR Research for Social Care Programme – Public/Lay MemberCOMPLETED
Keele University Treatments Uptake Project (iFraP) – Patient AdvisorCOMPLETED

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