the portfolio

I am ‘portfolio man’ – I have reached a stage where I can do the things that interest me, rather than having a full-time job.

And I’m interested in a lot of things.

Updates on what I’m doing appear in the **News** page, and often reflect some new content or signposting on this site.

My current professional service focus is project & change management Mentoring, along with business & employability Lecturing & Workshops. The former is intensive 1-to-1, and the latter is 1-to-many; the focus is the same – to pass on my knowledge, skills and experience.

I’m doing similar things in my pro bono work, i just don’t get paid. Also I roll up my sleeves and get my finger-tips dirty by writing and reviewing documents.

I stopped change strategy blogging in 2014 is because I wrote the book on the people factors in change management.  You might think of it as one huge megablog.

In 2019 I started writing fiction, and I feel this is going to be a big focus for some time. It is hard to get into, absorbing when I’m in it, fun and painful. Oh, and v. exciting when I get published, obviously.

If you would like to read my stuff on social media and/or comment on anything, please use the contact page. I heartily welcome all input, agreeable or critical, as long as it’s constructive and civil.

Questions? Suggestions? Please get in touch here.